The Damsels of Dorkington are a NerdCore Comedy trio. We have a range of comedic offerings such as scripted live shows at conventions or events, podcasts, sketch videos, and music. Our goal in each medium is to celebrate Dork Pride. We are three nerds, we are proud of it, and we think you should be, too





Favorites: Sailor Moon, Battlestar Galactica, Spider-Gwen, Halo, Borderlands, Saga, Firefly, Portal, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Dance Central, Jason Robert Brown, sushi, purple, Sex Criminals


Owner, Manager, Producer, Social Media Whore

Blythe is the conductor of this crazy train. She handles scheduling, produces and edits the podcast, creates the social media posts, and makes sure that Rissy knows where to be at all times.

Blythe found herself on stage at age 2, and no one has been able to drag her off since. She was in dance lessons as soon as she was out of diapers and performing in musicals when she was 8. The door to nerdery opened when she was 13 and a friend introduced her to Sailor Moon. She became so obsessed, she taught herself HTML so she could make her own fan sites. Eventually, through a mutual friend, she met Rissy, who introduced Blythe to a dirty habit: ren fests. They toured midwest faires with a rag tag group of douchebags until they got tired performing out of doors 7 times a day in shitty, midwest weather. So they started the Damsels of Dorkington, instead! In her real life, Blythe works in IT for a video game company in Dallas, TX.


Props Master, Costumer, GRAPHICS Artist

Amanda is the newest member of the group. She handles much of the design and display of props, costuming, and merch for the group.

While Amanda has loved science and math from a very young age, she always needed an outlet for her creativity. She started making Halloween costumes for herself and her siblings when she was ten after teaching herself to use her mother's sewing machine. She was active in drama and musical theatre throughout elementary and high school, in both cast and crew positions. Amanda quickly realized she could continue satisfying her love of acting and costume design through RPGs and cosplay.

Amanda met Rissy in an undergraduate biology course, where they initially disliked each other because they both wanted to be the smart one in the class, though they soon bonded over their mutual love of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and realized they had a lot of things in common. It was through Rissy that she met Blythe, and when the group found themselves in need of a new green Damsel, Amanda jumped at the chance to join the fray.

Favorites: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, papercrafts, rock climbing, sewing, Portal, Robin Hobb, biology, Tim Minchin, Stephen King, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Adventure Time


Favorites: LotR (but actually the Sil (but actually The Book of Lost Tales Vol I and II READ THEM)), velociraptors, DS9 vs Babylon 5, K-beauty, Milligan and Allred's X-Statix, James Branch Cabell, Tabletop RPGs, EDM, Stranger Things, Dune, Evo-Devo, Regular Old Devo.


Writer, Co-Founder, Hip-Hop Genius

Rissy writes all of the Damsels' material: shows, songs, sketches, and parodies galore! She started flexing her skills with the written word when she was in high school and penned a totes amazeballs Highlander/Silmarillion crossover fanfic. This, combined with her first RPG experience (Woooooo! Palladium FRP!) helped her evolve into her current form. WARNING: FINAL FORM AS YET UNKNOWN.

After spending nearly a decade trapped in Ren Faire purgatory doing improv, a chance encounter with Blythe, aka Gandalf If He Was A Coloratura Soprano lead to a jailbreak for both as the Damsels of Dorkington. Rissy and Amanda met in a Cell and Molecular Biology class, and while they initially hissed and spit at each other, they eventually fell in love and went to Dragon*Con in matching outfits. Then Rissy blowgunned her and stashed her in the Damsels' baggage so she'd have to join the group.

In real life, Rissy spends her time trying not to be eaten by bears (she moved North of the Wall) and writing erotic time-travel comedy novels.